Instructional and Competitive Youth Baseball

2018 Registration Ages and Costs


League Division by Age
WPPA Youth Baseball is divided into six leagues/divisions based on the player's age on August 31, 2018.   Players must register in the registration program associated with their age-based league/division.

How to Determine the Appropriate League/Division
Participation in each league/division requires that the player be no older than the age level prescribed for that league/division based on the player's age on August 31 of the year of the season.   For example, a player born on September 1, 2005 would be 12 years old on August 31, 2018.   So, going into the 2018 season, this player would register in the Major League using the Major League Registration Program.   However, a player born on August 31, 2005 going into the 2018 season would be 13 years old on August 31, 2018.   So, this player would register in the Senior League using the Senior League Registration Program.

Age If the player was born between...  The player will play in...
15-19 Sep 1, 1998 and Aug 31, 2003      Liberty Baseball
13-14 Sep 1, 2003 and Aug 31, 2005      Senior Baseball or 14U Girls Softball
11-12 Sep 1, 2005 and Aug 31, 2007      Major Baseball or 12U Girls Softball
9-10 Sep 1, 2007 and Aug 31, 2009      Minor Baseball or 10U Girls Softball
7-8 Sep 1, 2009 and Aug 31, 2011      Junior Baseball or 8U Girls Softball
5-6 Sep 1, 2011 and Aug 31, 2013      Rookie Baseball


Fee Payment
All registrants - returning players, siblings of returning players, and eligible new player registrants must pay the registration fee online.

League Fees
The league fees are as follows:                      

League Fee
Rookie Baseball $160
Junior Baseball $175
Minor Baseball $180
Major Baseball $185
Senior Baseball $190
Liberty Baseball $180
8U Girls Softball $165
10U Girls Softball $170
12U Girls Softball $175
14U Girls Softball $175


Sibling Discount
Parents of more than two children can benefit from the sibling discount.  The league fees for each child after the second child are $75 per child.



by posted 11/27/2017
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